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Nuru Massage

If you’re having a nuru massage with us for the first time, you know you’re in for the most unique experience of your life. Nuru massage originated in Japan and it is performed using a gel made from seaweed. The word nuru means “sliding” or “slippery”. The gel is clear and un-perfumed and with a smooth viscosity, so you can wash it off easily after the session. It leaves no odor on your skin or clothing.

The Massage Session

Nuru massage will be performed in a designated room, warm and pleasant, with flickering candles to surround you. There will also be soft music. You may both take a shower first, to make your skin ready for the massage. The gel will be heated prior to application. Know that this service can be customized, so if you have a choice of music or any other thing in particular, you can inform us by booking even a few hours in advance.

The naked therapist will apply the warm substance over your naked body and then to her own too. You can then feel her slippery body, hands, breasts and legs sliding against you and then the pleasant feeling begins. You will glide effortlessly against each other, as the masseuse uses deliberate motions in caressing your body.

Our Masseuses

The therapists we employ are skilled in all types of sensual massage. They got the appropriate training, and are continuously updating their knowledge and expertise especially today that nuru massage is becoming very popular in London. They are very beautiful and stunning too.

The Benefits

As nuru massage London involves a lot of gliding and sliding, your muscles get softened, and this can alleviate some pain. You can unwind and attain full relaxation and this enables you to sleep better. You will also have great interaction with your partner after the session, as a positive effect of the sliding body-to-body massage. Getting yourself massaged through this method is really good for your sexual and overall health.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself into the mood of relaxing and take that phone and just give us a call!